About Optionsmarket.io

2 min readMay 11, 2021

With the current rising popularity of the digital currency world, as well as the notable investments by major global institutions, the cryptocurrency world gets more attention than ever before. The launch of many projects on the blockchain system has become a ubiquitous phenomenon.

Nonetheless, our experience has shown us that the current trading platforms are a major area of weakness for cryptocurrencies. Hence we have created what we call Optionsmarket. A safe, user-friendly platform with low exchange fees and opportunities for investors to earn a passive income. Optionsmarket has strict security processes and user experience as its core priorities. Features such as bot-friendly API, crypto options, margin trading provide a great basis for our growing community. Head over to https://optionsmarket.io to explore the opportunities that we offer!

Exciting opportunities of Optionsmarket


Alongside the launch of our platform, we have issued our STO — Optmark token. We believe that STO is the future for crypto and it is no wonder, because owning our token opens up a lot of opportunities for you as an investor. A key benefit for the investors is the passive income that arises from owning it. Optionsmarket platform gives back 80% of the exchange fees that it earns back to the holders of Optmark tokens. What is even better is that right now with our reward model, you get 50% extra tokens! But for a limited time only.

Crypto options

As our name suggests, we specialize in crypto options. Crypto options are traded in the same way as any other traditional call or put option. We offer both buying as well as selling opportunities on our platform. An investor pays a premium for the right but not an obligation to buy or sell an agreed amount of particular cryptocurrency on an agreed date.

Margin trading

As an investor, you can benefit from margin trading, one of our key features. You can loan your crypto to traders using automated smart pairing, and enjoy possibly even higher returns. On top of that, 80 % of portion of the interest income paid to the exchange is distributed among OptionsMarket.io token holders every month which makes your potential returns even more generous.




A unique market place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, tokens and options. OPTMARK token owners receive monthly income from the platform's income.